Discover the Story Behind UK CBD Oils

About UK CBD Oils

In 2017, my life—and that of my partner, Tessa—changed dramatically. Faced with a devastating medical diagnosis, we found ourselves navigating a tumultuous sea of emotions and uncertainty. This challenge, however, lit a spark within us to explore the realm of alternative health solutions.

Joining Forces with Chrissy

Enter Chrissy, my business partner, who was already delving deep into the world of health and nutrition at Teesside University. A fervent advocate for wellness, Chrissy was equally intrigued by the potential benefits of CBD. It was only a short time before we realized that our combined passion and expertise could fill a gap in the market. Thus, UK CBD Oils was born.

Our Store at 40 Borough Road

Since opening our doors in Middlesbrough in 2018, our shop has become more than just a retail space; it's a community hub where customers come not only to replenish their CBD supplies but also for the warm, friendly catch-ups that have become a staple of our business.

Our Commitment to Quality

In 2016-2017, quality CBD products took a lot of work. After meeting with numerous suppliers across Europe and the USA, we used European-farmed hemp exclusively. Every product on our shelves is third-party tested, adhering to the highest standards. We're proud to be registered and compliant with the FSA's Novel Food Application, a testament to our commitment to legality and quality.

Expanding the Wellness Portfolio

While CBD remains our core focus, our commitment to holistic wellness has led us to incorporate other health supplements like Lion's Mane and Reishi mushrooms. But it's our CBD products that we take particular pride in.

The Marketplace Challenges

As pioneers in offering Full Spectrum CBD—a term now exploited by more prominent manufacturers for its search engine appeal—we've faced challenges maintaining our online visibility. Despite this, our loyal customer base has kept us going, validating our hope that quality will eventually outshine the glut of cheap, relabeled products.

Our Vision

We're not just a business but a dedicated team on a mission to make wellness accessible. With continued support from our community, we aim to set a benchmark for quality, ensuring that only the best CBD products reach you.

Thank You

Your trust fuels our passion, and we're here for the long run. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular, we're always here to guide you through your wellness journey.